Try Out This Cooperative Hardcore Horror Extraction Shooter!

Turtle Rock Studios defined and nearly perfected the cooperative squad-based genre when they released Left 4 Dead in 2008. They achieved true perfection with the sequel, Left For Dead 2, which was released in 2009. It’s so good that it’s still being played and modded to this day! The studio’s new game, GTFO, is a very intense, fast-paced cooperative horror shooter, and it brings in a lot of suspense and engaging gameplay. The great thing about the game is that it requires strategy, teamwork, and stealth to win. It’s also one of those games where you need to have a microphone, and that’s why it has very good integration with discord.

In GTFO, the premise is that you play along with your friends as a team of prisoners. The idea here is that you end up dealing with a new work order, called a Rundown, created by the Warden, who is the person holding you captive. These are expeditions that will take you deep into the complex in which you are being held. You’ll choose your loadouts of assault rifles, SMGs, and tactical devices, and customize your character appearance. As you play, you will go through multiple levels, and you will also be able to acquire all kinds of different resources and collectibles. Unlike other extraction shooters, you won’t find “loot” to sell after each extraction. Picking up that last-minute medkit, or ammo pack is the difference between life and death. Choose wisely, as you can only carry a limited amount! This is important if you want to survive since there are a plethora of creatures in the shadows ready to kill you at any given time. You do need to try and work closely with your friends to complete the Rundown and fulfill all expeditions. The thing is, this game is not easy. It’s designed to be very challenging and demanding, so you will find yourself dealing with all kinds of tricky gameplay situations. You will be able to sneak, but you will also face hordes too, which is why communication and tactics are such a huge deal in the game. The enemies found in the complex are dangerous, so you want to avoid them as much as possible. Letting them hibernate is crucial, otherwise, you will find yourself dealing with major issues.

Graphics and sounds

Gunplay is important in the game, but so are sounds. GTFO has an exceptional sound design, and you will find the game extremely detailed from a graphical standpoint as well. Ambient fog, detailed character and enemy models, and fantastic level design all help to create heart-stopping atmospheric gameplay. There are no jump scares here, unless you count the occasional enemy popping out of nowhere in front of your face through the dense fog. There’s also a nice “drop” intro that might have you pop a few aspirins the first couple of times you experience it. The atmosphere GTFO provides is more than enough to elevate blood pressure and it does so in it’s own dark and gritty way.


GTFO can be played solo, but it’s meant to be played with other people and that’s where it truly shines. The level design and graphics are incredible, and the gameplay itself is very difficult. You will find challenges every single second, and it will certainly test your might and willpower as much as possible. If you want to play a creative, challenging, and fun coop game, this is the right one for you! Check it out for yourself in the Steam Store!

Did I mention this was a hardcore horror shooter? Check out these stats provided by the devs!